Weird Knit Wednesday

I like me a good deer headpiece. (created by Benjamin Cho.  Same site as last week.)

It’s been a bit quiet on Ye Ole Blog, but that’s just because it’s been a bit too busy ’round here.  I don’t always juggle these things very well, you understand. Among other things, we’re planning Nicole’s wedding and trying to get pictures (finally) hung on the walls after living here for 7 months.  Life is all lovely and happy for the most part, I’ve just got my randomness kinda spread all over the place.  I’m presently knitting another purse from the Andean Folk Knits book-this one is like 3 times as big.  And I’m pretty excited about the little fishy coin purse in there so I ordered yarn.  Don’t you love the smell and feel of brand. new. yarn.?  Oh my gosh.

I’ve got a couple other knitted things I’m tinkering around with that I’ll show you later.  And I’ve created two in-person classes for fall. The other new thing that I’m all wound up about is Towel Origami. Yep, you heard it right.  Friends of ours went on a trip where each day the lovely maid that prepared their room left a different animal for them to find upon their return.  These wonderful friends sent me not one, but TWO books of this amazing and delightful craft.  As soon as the books arrived,  I promptly plopped down in the middle of the livingroom floor and made this:

Yep-that’s an Elephant.  I need to pick up some safety pins, practice my rolling skills a bit and look out, people, I’m gonna be making towel ART everywhere I go.  🙂

What crazy random thing are you up to these days?

laugh. dance. learn. create. knit.

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One Response to Weird Knit Wednesday

  1. Kevin says:

    Yea!!!! I expect to see some of these when you come up to visit!

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