socks completed and not

Last year, after pouting about the fact that I did not have near enough money to join a Sock of the Month Club,  I did a Sock of the Month thing of my own, wherein I took all the sock yarn in my stash and paired it with all the sock patterns I was dying to knit, stuck them each in a ziplock bag and pulled one each month for a year.  This brilliant and satisfying idea I totally stole from The Yarn Harlot, bless her. This year I was going to use the same idea and apply it to mittens, so much it is that I am in love with them, but alas, I cannot stop knitting socks.  It’s like a sickness.  I. Can’t. Stop. I am easing up a bit, so I’ve given myself permission to knit a pair of socks over 2 months instead of one.  Amazing, aren’t I?

May/June sock complete

(pair of green socks for Pay It Forward project.)

July/August sock with Molly

I have no idea who these socks are for, only that I am compelled to knit them.

Question: What is your favorite Knit Stitch Encyclopedia?

I am seriously looking to buy one. (or two) I had two of them years ago. Back when I 1st began knitting and the only thing I was knitting were hats in the round,  I inherited a bunch of old looking knitting stuff from a friend and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why I needed TWO books of assorted knitting stitches.  I dumped them.  Totally stupid, I know.  Now I want to find a great one and invest whatever it takes.  Any suggestions?

laugh. dance. learn. create. knit.


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2 Responses to socks completed and not

  1. JelliDonut says:

    I LOVE any of the Barbara Walker Treasury of Knitting Patterns. There are four and you can’t go wrong with them. Also, Japanese Knitting Patterns 250 or Japanese Knitting Patterns 500 are very awesome too.

  2. Trex Tpoe says:

    M, what are the paper clippy things for?

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