The Market Bag

A lovely July summer day to everyone.  Not that we personally are having lovely summer days.  One of my friends read or heard that the forecast here is for “episodes of sun”.  I’m about to have an episode of my own-I blame vitamin D deficiency. To those of you having beautiful hot sunny days, I beg you to sit outside in flimsy summer clothes with a cold drink so that I can live vicariously through you.

I love these market bags.  I took a free pattern off the internet and messed with it so that it suits me better than the original.  I use a cotton/acrylic blend yarn that’s obviously “tweedy”. You could use jute or 100% cotton, something that is strong. I made one for each of my daughters a year ago and I have to tell you these bags can take abuse and bounce back like nobody’s business.

bottom of bag

My 9 yr old carries all her stuffies in it one day and her swimsuit and towel the next and she’s not careful, she just crams her stuff right in it.  My 23 yr old carries all sorts of books and wallets and things-I swear hers must weigh 20 lbs.

This is the second project finished for one of my Pay It Forward ladies.  Now I’m just knitting market bags whenever I get on the stinkin exercise bike for 30 minutes. (the ipod isn’t enough to distract me from the sweaty-out-of-breath part)

laugh. dance. learn. create. knit.

{And in case you’re interested you can take a peak at the daily photo blog I keep with my older daughter:}

A String of Happy Thoughts


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3 Responses to The Market Bag

  1. JelliDonut says:

    That’s a great bag. I was gifted a bag like this last year and I just love it. Think I’ll make a couple of my college-bound daughter. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Crystal Johnson says:

    LOL! You must take a picture of you knitting on your exercise bike and post it. We women are great multitaskers.

  3. Kristine3140 says:

    Love your bag! Totally cool and functional too. I might have missed the sun episode today. I must have been in the bathroom?!

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