Pay it Forward


Back in January during that gutsy (idiotic) time of New Year’s Resolutions, a cool thing went ’round facebook that was a take on the movie Pay It Forward.  The idea was that person A would agree to take the first 5 people that commented on their status and give something they made themselves during the 2011 year.  In return, those 5 people agreed to repost it on their own status, each taking 5 of their own.  So you don’t get something if you don’t agree to give 5 somethings so the thing grows exponentially.  Yeah, that’s about clear as mud. But it’s pretty cool.  Trust me.

There are no rules. You can give anything you’ve made: bake cookies, take a meal, sew pot holders, weave a basket-whatever makes you happy.  Presently, I’m knitting these socks for one of my peeps. Secretly, I had hoped to be finished before it was officially summer but summer happened when I wasn’t looking the other day, so my goal is by the end of June…only 7 days away.

And just look at this! Doesn’t it make you want to find a yarn in these variegated colors and knit a baby sweater?!

This rose bloomed in my backyard with no help from me-(a gardener I am decidedly not) the plant was here when we moved in and made this flower all by itself. I think it’s just lovely with its imperfect petals and glowing color.

laugh. dance. learn. create. knit.

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One Response to Pay it Forward

  1. Marie says:

    Eric says: way to stick with it babe. There has been a huge heap of stuff going on the last few months including some major life changes, so getting anything complete has been almost impossible. Cut yourself some slack and know that it won’t always be like this. And if it is, well – you are still the most awesome person I know and I love you whether you finish them or not. :>)

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