About Me

Marie at Knitting the MomentI own 1 husband, 5 kids (3 still at home), 2 dogs and whatever assorted crawly things the 9 yr. old brings home to live in her room.  If others are Type A Do-It-All personalities, I am what must be a Type F-just-try-to-keep-your-head-above-water personality. My husband says I am a tugboat-I move large loads slowly.  It’s not about doing it all or doing it perfectly. It’s just about enjoying whatever it is that you happen to be doing.

Laugh. Dance.  Learn. Create. Knit.

Laugh.  Being a woman of low energy, scoliosis and migraines, some days I crawl through on my hands and knees looking for a happy thought.  So when I can’t knit, I laugh at Bonanza reruns and my pups and chronicle 1 happy thought a day at

A String of Happy Thoughts

with my grown daughter, Nicole.

Dance. I made a resolution to dance each day.  Migraine or no.  Wherever I am, whoever I’m with. I dance in the kitchen with the dogs, at the store in front of the children, or at the park with my husband.  It makes me smile.  And that’s what it’s about.

Learn. I love to learn, I love to teach.  Learning should be a fun adventure-so pick up some needles and yarn and we’ll have some fun together.

Create. Everyone creates…whether you cook, bake, decorate, garden, paint, draw or take care of people, you are expressing yourself in a creative way.

Knit. This is how we’ll inspire each other to learn and create. I’m random and quirky and usually only knit a pattern once-there’s just so much to knit and so little time.

Remember-It’s not about doing it all or doing it perfectly-it’s about enjoying whatever it is that you do.  Let’s do it together.


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8 Responses to About Me

  1. Shawn Marie Jones says:

    I love you Marie. We share a name and a sweet savior and that’s about it. For the spunky type A do it all girl that you know I am……I love my calm, knitting, sitting, hardly ever see because I never sit still long enough, friend…..let’s have coffee soon, you sit and knit and I’ll keep jumping up off the couch to wipe a counter, get someone a kleenex, talk with my hands and we’ll laugh…we do have that in common too : )O……………oh and definitely the dancing part…oh yeah, shake it baby. For the type a girl…just to look at the creativity and beauty that comes from your quiet times of knitting is enough…to touch it and feel and yes, wish that I could do it too…but knowing the project would never be complete because, well Tigger never sits still…well just to appreciate you and what you do…is enough for me : ) Have a sweet day…I’m strapping on my running shoes to start the day…you strap on your needles and we’ll DO THIS THING : )

    • Marie says:

      You’re a doll, Shawn. You make me smile and laugh. I love watching you GO
      and DO IT. Yes, coffee. For sure.

      Marie Sutherland
      My profiles: [image:
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    • Marie says:

      You’re a doll, Shawn. You make me smile and laugh. I love watching you GO
      and DO IT. Yes, coffee. For sure.

  2. JelliDonut says:

    Hi! Got here from a comment you left on my blog, about socks I knit for a friend going through breast cancer. She also has scoliosis! Such a weird coincidence. Anyway, you have a very nice blog and I’m adding it to my list–gotta follow an F-type sister!

  3. Kristine says:

    Gosh. I feel like you are doing my thinking for me lately. The “centering” type of thinking. Simplifying my way-too-many-details-life into points of focus. Learn. Oh, good. I’m doing that. Dance. Need to do more. Laugh. Yes, most of the time. Create. Right…you said that’s why I’m doing the jewelry. (I really wasn’t sure.) And Knit. Yes. I figure that as long as I’m carrying yarn and patterns and needles everywhere I go…even if I never actually do it…it still counts.

  4. Crystal Johnson says:

    I’m picking out music now for when you come to visit. I’m thinking some Beach Boys!

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