A Field Day

I was tackling The Nasty To-Do List this morning when I realized that Field Day for the kids was happening in less time than I had to get them there. And, I was going to be (stuck) there for 3 hrs. so I grabbed my knitting expecting to redeem my time in part by finishing the bolero.  But I couldn’t find it.  Anywhere. So I did what any normal mature 46 yr old woman taking her kids late to field day would do-I totally and completely freaked out-running all over like a crazy person with 14 yr old son in the background attempting to talk me down. We left for Field Day without the bolero and steam coming out of my ears.

….When we got home I found it-in one of the places I had already looked 26 times.

It’s the way of Knit I guess. To play evil hiding tricks when you’re the most vulnerable.

laugh. dance. learn. create. knit.

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One Response to A Field Day

  1. Marie says:

    Eric says: I love the pic. I love all the colors. And I love that I can envision you in your state of freaked-outness and I can smile because that is just how life has been lately. Love you babe.

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