Sit a Spell

Welcome!  I’m glad you dropped by. I’d love to offer you a cup of coffee or a diet pop and catch up on all you’re doing and have my little dogs licking your toes.  I’ve started this blog as a place to inspire creativity and learning with fun and laughter through the craft of knit- I want to be a springboard of instruction, inspiration, help and encouragement to people of all ages and skill levels.

Eventually (which is code for Novemberish)-I am hoping to have online classes for both kids and adults. In the meantime, grab some chocolate and your needles and we’ll talk books, patterns, yarn, needles, snoring husbands, crazy knitting people, wet dogs and noisy kids.

May we enjoy many happy hours visiting together.

laugh. dance. learn. create. knit.


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11 Responses to Sit a Spell

  1. What a beautiful website! I love the colors. Can’t wait to see what you do with this!

  2. Krista says:

    SO excited to see your very first post!! HOORAY! 🙂 Love this venture of yours so much. 🙂

  3. Eric Sutherland says:

    I am so excited for you Babe. I have admired your writing for years and am so excited to see others enjoy it also. Along with that, I am very excited to see your knitting instruction up and running. Good Luck. 🙂

  4. Rhonda Z says:

    Hi Marie!
    I think it’s great you are doing this! I am interested in spinning clean akita fur into yarn! If I knit a sweater from it I hope I don’t have to turn around 3 times before I can sit down!

    Best Wishes to you, your family and your blog!
    Rhonda Zuti Hough
    Carson City, Nevada

  5. Tammy Frew says:

    Marie, what a wonderful idea for a blog. I’m so excited to learn more and glean from your knitting wisdom. You are a wonderful teacher. Thank you again for teaching me this craft. I’m a newbie…for now.


  6. Kevin says:

    Does being able to tie my shoes with a knot that’s UN-tie-able later on count as “knitting? ‘Cuase that’s about the extent of my knitting skills, past, present or future….


    Love you!!! Go get ’em, Tiger!!


    • Marie says:

      Of course it counts as knitting! That’s all knitting is…a bunch of knots
      that eventually resembles something else. 🙂 You don’t know how much
      I appreciate your support and encouragement. Hugs, M

  7. Kristine says:

    I can’t quite get over how beautiful and bright and cheerful your pictures are!

    • Marie says:

      Oooh thank you! All the credit to Nicole and Krista. I hauled stuff outside
      but they arranged, took pics and then got that header up and running. Thanks friend. ~M

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