Sand Between My Toes

The First Beach Day of Summer 2014 was spent at Semiahmoo Park, with Eric, Adrienne and I and both dogs.










The pictures tell the story. It was a glorious lovely day.  The tide was waaaaay out so we waded through pools of crystal clear water until we got to it, finding sand dollars ranging from white to yellow to black, tiny crab skittering away from our footsteps, colorful starfish and all kinds of shells with their occupants still alive and well.  The dogs splashed and played in water up to their chests-we haven’t seen Molly so animated in months, that girl loves the sea.  We are headed back later this week.  I. Can’t. Wait.

Own the Day!

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Memorial Day Together

Quite suddenly we realized that we were all off work and school at the same time…so we headed to Boulevard for a walk by the water. And look! After pouring buckets of rain all morning, it cleared up beautifully for us.


The kids that still live at home-Dylan (21), Adrienne (almost 12), and Mike (17)


We stood and watched the fish jump in the water.



Cool boat in the bay


Dylan made a friend…


and enjoyed a conversation?


We wrapped up our day with corndogs, RED 2 and snacks.  (John Malkovich is great in that movie. Oh, and Helen Mirren….I love Helen Mirren.)

Anyway, we’re at this stage where Eric’s schedule is 2 p.m. till 1 a.m.. Mike’s schedule is 7 a.m. till 3 p.m. (with assorted things after that) and Dylan’s varies between those two.  So having all 5 of us home at the same time on a holiday is nothing short of amazing.  We buy up the time as best we can knowing that in no time Dylan will be off living on his own and then there will only be two.

And I finished my latest doodle:


Hope you all had a great Memorial Day.

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Note to Self-

Dear Self,

Welcome to today!  It’s a new day-NEW-never been lived in before.  No one has ever seen today.  No one knows what today will be like. You may or may not feel well. It might be an easy day.  It might be a hard day.  Either way, it’s your day.


Don’t let it get by you.  Be deliberate.  Create, be kind, exercise, laugh, love the people around you, rest if you’re weary, inspire others, make memories.

Notice the every day familiar things as distinct–Hear the way the trees whisper to each other when the wind blows.  Feel the rain or sunshine touch your face. Listen to the sounds of life all around you-your children laughing, the train, the neighbor mowing their lawn. Drink in the smell of your husband’s cologne. Splash in a puddle.  Blast the radio and dance in the car.  Let the dogs lick your face.

Today you’re alive. So LIVE.

Your Friend,




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Knit and Doodle

On the knitting front I’ve been largely uninspired since the chevron baby blanket.  I find when I push myself to finish something like that, –long and repetitive, on a deadline–I lose a certain amount of Inspiring Creativity. And there’s nothing to do but sit back and wait for it to come back round again.  It always does, but it also always makes me wonder if one of these times it won’t,  and I’ll be stuck here with my head wanting to knit, but my heart completely lacking the desire, which makes absolutely no sense when you say it out loud like that.  Yet, there it is.  So while I’ve been waiting for my heart to catch up with my head, I’ve been doodling in my pretty red book.




This last one is obviously still in process.  I’m doodling it for a friend and soon it will get sent far away to brighten her day. What you can’t see are the sparkles.  Some of those colors are all glittery and sparkley. Which is really super fun.

Then, quite suddenly, the Inspired Desire to Knit begins to burn again somewhere deep inside, and off I go, with way more I want to knit than there are hours to knit it:

I have officially finished knitting hats for the coming winter.  I really wanted a decent looking pattern for guys and found this:



(And it looks pretty good on girls, too.) It’s simple enough to knit when I’m brain dead and has some pretty great style to it.  I found it on Ravelry here:

As I’ve finished all the hats, I’m moving onto knitting boot cuffs for all the females in my life- to be Christmas presents.  I’m writing my own boot cuff patterns using this:


I’m also knitting a sweater for my great niece or nephew that’s due at Christmastime.  I was going to sit and down knit a wee newborn sweater cuz I’m just so stinkin’ excited about this baby, but I think I’ll wait till I know what gender they think it is and then look for some really soft amazing yarn and obsess about which adorable pattern to knit.  The anticipation is half the fun.

Instead, this is the back of a sized 2-3 toddler my niece’s baby.  It will have a hood and zipper.  I made one years ago and it’s totally cute all made  up.


I was knitting in car while I waited for my 17 yr old to do the paperwork for a new job he’s starting.

And I restarted this dollie.


Can you even stand the cuteness?

We’ve got a week of clear sunny skies and warm temps in our forecast–I can’t wait to spend some time outside on the beach with my toes in the sand, sipping diet pop, knitting, and watching the dogs chase waves.

Own the Day!

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Stellated Icosahedrons and Summer Fun Things

The Summer Planning has begun.  Mike and Dylan will be working, and since Adrienne has no other sibs to spend time with, she’s pretty much stuck with me.  I’ve been collecting ideas of things we can do together so the poor child doesn’t wither away from the boredom of it all.

One thing on the list is, of course, continued work with origami.  We met with our friend, Kari, that has helped Adrienne pursue and enjoy folding paper into amazing shapes.  Recently, we met Kari for lunch, where she coached Adrienne to make this:





It’s a Stellated Icosahedron, aka The Spiky Ball, made from 30 squares of paper each folded into a Sonobe Unit and carefully assembled together into the shape above without using any glue or tape –

(and it was very important to Adrienne that she complete the ball without glue or tape because technically it ceases to be origami if you use something to hold it together.)

The little one in the above picture isn’t the same shape as the big one, though they look similar, and therefore is put together a different way.  It’s all very confusing to me as I can never remember the difference between mountain and valley folds.  My job is to provide the paper, take pictures, and cheer wildly.


These origami paper dolls  also made the Summer Crafty Things To Do List. And the Bellevue Arts Museum has an origami collection on display. We’ve got a field trip in the works.

Other things on the Summer Crafty Things To Do List are:

Things with buttons


Things with dye: batik


Things with sugar: Rock Candy


Things that look like other things: the impression of sushi:


This amazing plate of sushi was made by Eric’s Aunt and Cousins. Aren’t they so stinkin’ clever?

Things with beads: barefoot sandals


Things with wax: candles


And this summer Adrienne is keeping a smash album.  Instead of photo driven like the present day definition of “scrapbooking”, this is like scrapbooking back in the day–she will gather ticket stubs, postcards, flyers, sand, twigs, leaves, petals–whatever and smash them into an album as a keepsake of her summer.


You’ll notice not one thing on this list involves yarn and needles.  My girl has got all kinds of creativeness happening but it does not manifest itself in knitting or anything close to it.  My passion for knitting isn’t hers. I love this about her.  She stretches my own creativity and gets me off my hiney and doing brand new things.

Got anything fun planned at your house? I’d love to hear what you’re doing!

Own the Day!

(most pics yanked from pinterest-you can check my pinterest board labeled “crafts” if you want the “how tos”.)
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Mother’s Day Mosaics

For Mother’s Day, I wanted our little troop to make mosaic garden stones together. So I researched and read and gathered stuff and here’s what we did:


There are a couple different ways to do it.  Darren voted for the premade stones ($1 ea).


You can buy the little pretty glass stones for $1-$3 a bag at Walmart or hobby store.  The first step is to lay out a design. We used 12×12 scrapbook paper as a guide.


After you’ve got your design ready, you slather cement over the top of the stone and decorate.


This one is mine.


This one is Adrienne’s


This one is Dylan’s.-Dylan went abstract.  That’s the beach, sea and sky.  Can you find the fish? And do  you see the starship Enterpise?   That boy makes me smile.

These are all pre-grout.  The cement has to dry before they’re grouted.  Here is mine post-grout:


For a “1st try”, we’re happy. But next time I would try one or two things a different way.  They didn’t come out as smashingly gorgeous as we’d hoped, or as the googled articles showed them to be.  But then that’s usually the case.  We’ve still got a bag of pretty glass stones and a bunch of ideas.  I’ll keep you posted.

And as for the knitting:


The baby blanket is finished and has gone to its new home.


And I finished this doodle.  Doodling has turned out to be such a sweet spot in my world.  No rules.  Doesn’t matter if anybody likes it except me.  And I can doodle when I’m too tired or have too bad of a headache to knit.  Doodles are such happy things!

It’s your day—OWN IT!

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Coffee Kids

Coffee isn’t just a beverage in the Pacific Northwest, it’s part of the culture like the tulip and raspberry fields, ferry rides and rain. It’s an event.  I took the kids for coffee while we were waiting for Eric one day and asked them what they wanted.  They glanced at the menu and rattled off:

“12 oz white chocolate mocha with whip”

 (“spruce” on the cup is the size)


It kinda cracked me up.  When I was their age, coffee was just coffee-gross and bitter-something adults drank with breakfast-never in the middle of the day. I would have had no idea about ordering coffee like this. But there you go.  A sign of the times and living in the Pacific Northwest.





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